Apr 22, 2009

SharePoint Record Center

This post outlines steps to route documents to record center and clarify some misunderstandings.
  1. Create a Record Center by using the record center template, it can be in the same web application as your source site or in a different web app. The latter is recommended;
  2. Establish the Connection to the Records Center: Central Administration-> External Service Connections section ->Records center. After this, your record center will appear to all document library's "send to" menu for any users who has read permission;
  3. Create a document libray in Record Center and Set up routing: Either the title or alias must be the content type name such as "document" or "form", and the location is the document library you created in the record center;
  4. users don't need any permission in the record center in order to submit recoreds. The only permission needed is the source site's application pool id (if it is different from the record center's pool id) has to be in the group of " Records Center Web Service Submitters for ...". Otherwise you will get the following error:

"The ... records center could not be found or accessed"

Apr 21, 2009

IIS Error Message: Either a required impersonation level was not provided, or the provided impersonation level is invalid.

If you got this error message when impersonating a logon user, you need to check your pool id and make sure it has "act as part of operating system" right.

1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Local Security Settings.
2.In the left panel, select Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment.
3. Open Act as part of operating system.
4. In the Act as part of the operating system Properties dialog, click Add User or Group.
5. IISReset

Some documents say this is not necessary in Win2003, but it does happen when impersonating in the code.

Other right of application pool (including Network Service):
  • Adjust memory quotas for a process
  • Generate security audits Log on as a service
  • Replace process level token
  • Impersonate a client after authentication
  • Allow logon locally
  • Access this computer from the network

Apr 17, 2009

data sharing cross SharePoint sites

Recently there is a disucssion on how to share data cross sharepoint sites in the LikedIn SharePont user group. A lot people joined and shared ideas. I find a need to summary them up here as a reminder to myself.

1) OOB solutions:

2) recommeded 3rd party adds-on:

  • Coarseworks

  • LightingTools

  • CodePlex (lookup cross sites)

3) customization:

  • roll-up web part

  • Search service and search result web part, xsl

However, most of above apply to sites in a same collection. There is very limited options when trying to sharing data cross site collections, which indicates to me anothe point: when designing sharepont taxonomy, data shareing is a very import factor behind sizing and security.