Jul 24, 2011

what rights needed to view sharepoint sites associated with TFS Team Projects

Given the scenario that you have TFS integrated with SharePoint and Report Server, each TFS team site can have an associated SharePoint site which display info such as reports and Team projects work items. To view this sharepoint site, what rights need to be granted:
  • sharepoint permission
  • TFS team project readers right (via TFS Administration Console)
  • Report Server "Browser" right (via Report Manager site)
One of very confusing service account required for TFS is Report Reader Account. The MSFT document says :
The report reader account is the identity that is used to gather information for reports
It has nothing to do with Report Server access, it is the account that will be granted access to one of database called TFS_WareHouse. So it is the identity utilized to retrieve data for reports, not access reports themselves.