Jun 16, 2011

Redesign an infopath template from sharepoint site

If you publish an infopath template directly to a sharepoint library, you can design (redesign) it later with InfoPath client, but what if you publish the template as a content type or as administrator approved form? you will NOT be able to do the same thing as direct publish by browsing sharepoint library.

Instead, go to Site Settings->Site Content Type Gallery ->select content type->Advanced Settings -> Edit Template:

access denied error with SPD workflow

Lately running into a problem when any user with "designer" permission level failed to save workflow from SPD with an error saying " Server Error: Access Deny". Further, users with designer permission can't manually start this workflow from browser with a similar access deny error. The workflow startup page is one of four files listed for each workflow in SPD, and it is missing from designer view:

Check out and check this file back in, the error goes away.