Jun 17, 2009

Create PDF out of password protected web pages

Recently a user tried to use Adob 9.0 to convert one web page from their intranet site into a PDF file, and got an authorization failure error even though she can browse the site in IE. And since she can sucessfully do this on their internet site, it seems that we need to give Adobe some sort of permission to read sharepoint site. But how?

We know IE can browse sites without requiring users to enter password becuase of IE's credential passthrough, Adobe, unlike most of MS office product, doesn't have such functionality. But we can use IE's PDF boolbar to achieve credential passthrough:

1.Browser IE to the desired secure site;
2. IE view->toolbar->adobe PDF;
3. “Convert” appears in the toolbar as follows:

4. Choose "Convert Web Page to PDF.."

you should be all set to go!