Jan 6, 2010

SharePoint 2010 Reusable Workflow

SharePoint 2010 (beta 2) has 3 kinds of workflow based on association:

  • List WorkFlow: associated with a list
  • Site WorkFlow : associated with a site
  • Reusable WorkFlow: associated with a content type or site column

Since it is associated with either content type or site column, the Reusable Workflow accompany the same content type or site column across the whole site. It can't be associated directly with lists nevertheless. When Reusable WF is associated with a Site Column at design time, the site column need to be added into a content type first, and then the WF can be associated with that content type.

Reusable WF can only be created in SPD (WF created in VStudio are always reusable), but it can be imported into VStudio as a list workflow and become reusable in a site collection scope. In Beta 2, Reusable WF automatically has a init form once it gets published, and it is not converted after Reusable WF get imported into VStudio. Te following problem occurs at workflow run time:

" _layouts/... . /IniWekfllp. aspx " not found.

Creating a Init From in VStudio can get around this problem.