Mar 31, 2011

Browser-enabled InfoPath Form with web services

It is common for InfoPath Form to utilize web services as secondary data sources. Normally there is no problem if InfoPath forms are opened in a InfoPath Client application, but problems occur when InfoPath forms are opened in browser, i,e, using InfoPath Form Service.

There are 2 options to workaround brows-enabled Form with web services: one is to set form "Full Trust":
This option will require Administrator-approved publishing option.

and the other is to convert data sources into data connection:
 This option will allow form trust at Domain level, and with other publishing options available, but this option will require "Cross-Domain Access" checked for InfoPath Service from Central Admin:

For browser-enabled Infopath form, web services are called from sharepoint server, sometimes the network communication problem between sharepoint server and web service server can block services for browser-enabled forms, but could have no impact when InfoPath Client applications open the same form, or have no impact on web service configuration at design time.