Jul 13, 2009

SharePoint and WebDav

Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, or WebDav is to allow clients to access web-based documents as if they are in client's local driver (accessible via window explorer: yoursite/DavWWWRoot ). SharePoint features such as Explorer View is an example, saving office files into sharepoint server is another example. IIS has WebDav service, however SharePoint doesn't use it, instead, SharePoint has its own built in. So there is no need to enable IIS WebDav service in a sharepoint server.
On the client side, there are some requirements:
  • need Office 2007 installed;
  • Windows XP: Web Client is installed and enabled (by default).
  • Windows Vista: The Web Folder service needs to be started.
  • Windows 2008 (and R2): The Desktop Experience feature needs to be installed.
In case of FBA SharePoint sites, clients also need to
  • enable "client integration"
  • enable Cookies by checking "Auto sign me"
  • window XP need to install hot fix Webfldrs-KB907306-ENU.exe
SharePoint Users also need the following permission (this is a part of "contribute" level permission, be default assigned to "member" shaerpoint group) to utilize any WebDav related feature: