Mar 24, 2010

Call Ajax-enabled WCF Services from Ajax JavaScript

After Creating an Ajax-enabled WCF service in Visual Studio 2010, the following endpoint behavior is specified for this service:

<behavior name="AjaxWcFService.AjaxWCFSVCAspNetAjaxBehavior"><enableWebScript/>
</behavior >

which will allow ajax library (see here to register ajax library)  to inject a proxy at runtime for script client to use and call this service once it is referred in an ASP:Service:
<Services > <asp:ServiceReference Path="~/AjaxWCFSVC.svc" / >
</Services >

So the script can just make a call like the follwoings.
                  var svc = new AjaxWCFSVC();
                  svc.DoWork(onSuccess, onFail, null)

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