Mar 24, 2010

Enable WCF services consumable for Ajax JavaScript

In the previous post, I show how to call ajax-enabled WCF from Javascript, and how to consume WCF RESTful service from Ajax JavaScript. What if you already created a WCF service using WCF Service template, and want it to be consumed in a JavaScript? It turns out the only change is in web.config:

When you create a WCF service in Visual Studio, its endpoint in web.config is defined as:

<endpoint address="" binding="wsHttpBinding" contract="AjaxWcFService.IWCFSoapService" >
<identity > <dns value="localhost" > </identity >
</endpoint >

replace it with the followings:

< endpoint address="" binding="webHttpBinding"
contract="AjaxWcFService.IWCFSoapService" >
< /endpoint >

and define endpoint behavior as follows:

<behavior name="ScriptFriendly" >
<enableWebScript / >
</behavior >

This WCF service now becomes ajax-enabled.