Mar 28, 2010

rename SharePoint VM name

Like most people who installed SharePoint 2010 beta, I named my VM as sp2010, but with RTM coming in nxet month, it needs to be demoted to something  like sp2010beta so that sp2010 can be used for VM with RTM bits (as you know upgrading from beta to RTM is not supported). For this reason i decide to rename VM's name.

After changing server's name and modification in DNS as well as changes in AAM, my sharepoint site is up and running. But the following 3 service applications are still pointing to old server name:
  • BCS or BDC
  • Managed MetaData Service
  • Secure Store Service
Deleting and recreating them don;t fix the problem,and even re-run farm wizard doesn't fix the problem either.

It turns out the workaround is to run configration wizard, detach the old server name and re-attach with the new server name.

Happy SharePoint 2010!