Jun 3, 2010

Installation of SSRS 2008 add-in for Sharepoint 2007 is interrupted

SSRS add-in for Sharepoint need to be installed in every sharepoint server, but not required for RS server (even technically it is one of WFE). If you use SSRS 2008 R2, you need to install SSRS R2 add-in for SharePoint. At this time, this add-in is yet to RTM. SharePoint 2010 prerequisite installer will install the SSRS 2008 R2 Add-in for SharePoint 2010, so you don't need any extra install. this article is a must read on how to configure sharepoint 2010 SSRS integration.

When I working on a single server scenario, the installation is seamless, just click the .msi file. But when I scale the single server to a medium farm:

1 AS
1 RS

The installation was always interrupted and rolled back. The workaround documented in readme.htm, it requires a 2 steps command line. Weird but works.