Jun 3, 2010

what Sharepoint need to know about SSRS?

After SSRS provision a web service, all sharepoint need to know is its url as specified in this setting:

Like any web service, Equally important is how authentication is chosen (also shown above).

The interesting part is "Trusted Account" choice which makes service calls under user context without configuring kerberose. For this reason another setting, "grant database access", is a required configuration for SSRS. It essentially grant SSRS's service account a "full control" to all sharepoint web applications and some access to central administration ( as a proof, even though there is no place in UI where permission is specified for the SSRS service account, you can certainly log as this service account to any sharepoint site). Also this account is granted a "WSS Content Application Pool" permission to sharepoint Config db. The reason to grant those permission for RS service account is because SSRS web service will need to invoke sharePoint Object Model to check user permission in case of  "trusted account" authentication.

Sharepoint 2010 simplify the 2 settings in one place: